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Three sizes and styles of Super Pearls are now available featuring CAD-drawn plans and precision-cut laser short kits. What is a short kit? It's everything but the straight wood, covering, and little bits and pieces you probably already have in your shop. Short kits give you, the builder, the most bang for your buck. All the hard work of cutting out the curved and cambered pieces is done for you. The benefit to you is faster, more accurate build.

The Super Pearl 202-E (shown above, builder: Bill Leppard) is the smallest SP in the fleet. Designed for the NFFS E-36 electric event, It uses a $9 motor and $15 battery to go from zero to 400 feet in 15 seconds. Exciting? You bet your life! The wing area is 202 square inches projected and the weight is 135-160 grams with battery. The design uses a tapered 32.5" carbon boom  (part #020100)
from Goodwinds kites at Timer is the Starlink Programmable Simple Timer or the Mini-E from Texas Timers (

The SP202E plan (Pearl_202_E-36.pdf
119.9 KB
) is $7 and the short kit with 115 laser-cut parts is only $21. Priority shipping of rolled plan and kit: $6. Checks or paypal to: Don DeLoach, 831 E. Willamette Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.
Read Gary Baughman's SP202 review from Jul/Aug NFFS Free Flight DigestDigest_2012-4_Super_Pearl_202_review_Baughman.pdf
728.7 KB

Super Pearl 282 for Cyclon/Fora/Picco .049, plan (Pearl_282.pdf
180.4 KB
) $7, $35 short kit, $6 shipping). Features full balsa D-box wing for maximum torsional stiffness. SP282 is a direct descendant of the SP542, using identical moments and construction features. Also good candidate for conversion to 3-cell AMA Electric A or B.

Super Pearl 542 for hot Schnuerle-ported .19s-.25s. Short kit $54, plan (Pearl_542_1-8_scale_two_view.pdf
85.4 KB
) $10. Full balsa D-box wing for maximum stiffness. WHOOSH! This wing WILL NOT flutter. The prototype used a Nelson .19/.21 combo and weighed 19.4 ounces. Good candidate for AMA Electric A/B on 4-5 cells.

Polecat Mk. X P-30 Nats winner in 1991 and 2005; NFFS Model of the Year in 2006. Short kit (wing and stab ribs only) $12, plan (Polecat_X_3_view.pdf
39.7 KB
) $5. P
olecat X is a 130 sq. in. model with rolled tube fuselage that utilizes the long, slow, climb approach. Very easy to trim due to the low speed, and glide is excellent. 2:30-3:00 dead air potential if built to 40-42 grams. Priority shipping of plan and kit: $6.

Becker 1954 Unlimited Rubber outstanding choice for the new Small Nos Rubber event. Model is like a stretched Gollywock with bigger prop and better airfoil. Does 4:00+ in neutral air. Can double as an AMA Mulvihill for small fields. Equally competitive in wind and calm. Short kit $23, plan (Becker_1954_Mulvihill__3_view.pdf
70.4 KB
) $7. Priority shipping of plan and kit: $6. 

SPECIAL: (expires April 30, 2014): Buy two or more short kits and get 10% off your total order. Or buy three and get 20% off your total order! Mix and match--any combination of the 202, 282 or 542 sizes, or the Polecat X P-30 or Becker Small Nos Rubber.

Above: Gary Baughman's SP 542 doing what it does best at Rocky Mountain FF Champs, Denver, 2011.

Above, right: designer with Super Pearl 282 built from stock kit. Weight is 7.9 ounces RTF with Cyclon .049. Ultracote Lite covering. Model at left is Pilfered Pearl 310, Cyclon .049 powered, built and flown by Bob Hanford. PEARLS RULE!
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